Introducing the New Masons Mini Mouldings Box

Date Added 17/05/2016

High Margin, Low Risk, & Fast Stock Turn, introducing the new Mouldings Mini Box from Masons

Do you want an easy way to market handy 1200mm lengths of mouldings to the DIY buyer?
The new Masons Mini Mouldings Box is the perfect in store solution.
  • Compact display unit – Free with order
  • 500 x 500mm footprint
  • Clear visual presentation – Easy selection
  • 20 Fast Moving & High Margin SKUs
  • Handy 1200mm lengths – Easy to Carry
  • Replenishment product bundles
  • Easy colour coded price bands
  • Reference & profile clearly displayed
  • Display provided with over sticker pack to tailor pricing

Fast Stock Turns, Minimal Space and Great Margins. Call 0800 021 4887 to place an order or speak to your area sales manager today.

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