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Masons Timber Products Specials Manufacturing Production Facility has been developed to work with customers to create and developing profiles with unique features. Our Chirk production facilities house a variety of machinery allowing us to provide a wide range of products. The possibilities are endless for manufacturing special mouldings and laminated boards.

From many species of timber or engineered core products we use a CAD system, cutter block and template for all profile designs which are created to the customer’s specification. Masons keep all original designs for the customer to ensure any repeat business will have the same high quality finish time after time.

Profile wrapping is one of Mason’s specialities; the new technology allows a high quality surface finish when wrapping intricate designs using foil and wood veneers. In addition, Masons provide other services including:

  • Laminating: for Hardwood and Softwood products
  • Mouldings
  • Cutting to length
  • Finishing
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